Save your city from alien invasion !

You are a rising SFS Pro star, who acquired mysterious powers from a powerful being.
Use your agility and wits to stop the invasion of the Zombeanies!

Explore BluePulse city!

Take small jobs, go shopping, relax in restaurants and cafes, and earn fame and fortune by becoming a Skate for Street Pro star player!

Roller Skating Physics!

Master the new roller skating physics and become so precise no crazy jumps will resist you!

Meet colorful and interesting people!

The world of Neon Tail is filled with interesting people, time to make many friends!

Take care of your camera Drone

Visit Drone shops to upgrade or install extensible modules on your camera drone Modulo. Scanners, Maps, Hud, Photographs, Flashlights, Codex, etc...

Learn about mysterious powers!

On your adventures, you will meet Telopern, an extra alien godlike creature. He will give you strange powers that you will learn to live with.

Save Bluepulse City!

Use your agility, dexterity, wits, reputation, friendships, and powers to save your city from a alien invasion!

An open world roller skating game

Neon Tail Patreon

Neon Tail Patreon

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